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Working with sGate means a lot to the growth and popularity of my my online business. I experience full support and clever understanding in both technical and comercial outcomes. Trusting sGate to always be there is a great motivator to stay tuned. Thanks to the excellent communication with the team of sGate the physical distance between Spain (where I reside) and India is never an issue. Thank you sGate!

Yosara Geerlings

I have had the pleasure of working with the sGate team for about a month now. I realise that doing business with people that you don’t know on the internet can be worrisome, but there are no worries with these guys, one, they know their stuff big time, and if they don’t immediately know it, they will learn it for you, and quickly too. I would have no qualms about recommending them to you 100%. They are courteous, talented and great to work with.

Neil Long

Our company is based in network outsourcing and because of that we need a fast, effective and quality service to offer to our clients. As we normally work under the pressure of developing the best service, sGate helped us working as fast as we needed and the projects were delivered on time. We will keep on working with them in future projects, they were just what we were looking for.

Daniel Rgz. Merino

As Richard Branson says “In business, speed is the ultimate competitive weapon”. As someone who has had to change rapidly with the ever changing market place I realised that whoever I partner with to advise and implement my web, IT and internet strategies was going to make or break the business let alone our competitive edge in the market. I was introduced to Mr Yadav of sGate in 2006. While I had some initial concerns about the company not being based in my region I can honestly say this has proved to be not only the best decision but also the most cost effective with that personal touch we all love. If you need a partner for your internet commerce look no further than sGate and save yourself a lot of time, money and hassle!


I’ve been working with sGate for over 2 years now and have come to realize that it would be virtually impossible to run my business without the outstanding service, support and skills of the sGate team. I have seen my revenues increase 500% since I started with TB, that should explain why I’m so happy with the TB team. Money talks in this business and TB helped me make a ton of it!

Mike V.

As the internet is a LIVE environment I need somebody that can be there for me instantly, the service that I have gotten from sGate is unique and personal and I don’t know what I would have done without them. In addition to being supportive of my projects 24/7 I have found their project management and delivery of tailor made database structures and functionality impressive.

Jarl Moe

As a client of sGate I would highly recommend them for their creative and technical expertise as well as the speed at which they work and all for a very reasonable cost. The level of service and response time is superior to any western company that I have done business with and I wouldn’t hesitate recommend them to any one looking for this type of product.

Richard Lockyer

sGate has a strong team that approaches web design, programimng and optiimization in a methodolical way for great results.

Al Kapoor

I have been dealing with sGate for software development work for several months now. I have found them to be most efficient and effective in their work. It is fantastic to have ‘emergencies’ looked after immediately regardless of the time of day. On routine material the staff have always been pleasant and friendly no matter how tedious the topic and this is so important because I know very little about the software world. All their work is of a very high standard and they openly offer ideas to make your business more effective and successful. On top of all this their costs are more than fair and represent incredible value for money. Having dealt with many software developers, sGate is the best I have worked with by far. I would strongly recommend them for your business needs.

David McDonagh

Since 1997 I have been working as a freelance designer on various business projects that have involved the participation of other website designers and programmers. Much to my dismay, and I know that others reading this will agree, the greater percentage of these programmers and designers (With the exception of two Irish programmers I worked with) have proved extremely difficult to work with. Problems ranged from inadequate skills to finish a project, poorly functioning end results, lack of understanding of the relationship between a website and the real world of business, not finishing a project, massive over charging, turning small projects into huge projects, and poor communication skills. My experiences alone has seen these people cause massive disruption and heartache to businesses in Norway, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Luxembourg, United Kingdom to name but a few countries. Whilst doing some contract work for a Gibraltar based company, I noticed that this Gibraltar based company’s website had some features and functionality that caught my curiosity. When I enquired as to who built this company’s website I was introduced to Tradebooster in India. With a little scepticism I asked Tradebooster to work on some small website projects with me, just so I could see how they performed. Much to my surprise they delivered on time, had excellent programming skills, understood what I really wanted, charged a very fair price for work carried out and did not give me any of the problems I had experienced in the past. Since then we have gone on to work with more complicated websites that have involved more complex programming and each time I have been more than satisfied with the results. There are many good website/programming companies in the world today. The biggest challenge that companies are faced with is trying to decipher the good from the bad. After all my bad experiences, I can safely say that at last I have found a company with which I am 100% happy with and please God I will continue to work with for many years to come with Tradebooster as a partner alongside my business.

Gerard McFlionn